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The end

Posted by compactwater on July29 2008

Unfortunately due to personal issues I can no longer continue my blog. However, this does not mean I am leaving. If you wish to contact me, you can do so by e-mail. My blog will stay up, I may edit a post or two, remove spam and such, but I will not be updating for awhile.

I hope you enjoyed reading and learned something.

– compactwater


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Firefox 3 Download Day 2008!

Posted by compactwater on June9 2008

Mozilla Firefox 3 Download Day 2008. Point being: Get over 1600000 (one-million six-hundred thousand) downloads in 24 hours to set a new Guinness world record. Pledge your email, spread the word! Download Day begins June 17th, don’t forget to download!

(Click the foxy for more info)

Download Day
Firefox 3 Download Day 2008!

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Posted by compactwater on April4 2008

ImagineMS is a MapleStory private server project started by Zed, I am following him around like a fan-boy as an under-achieving developer. We have a dedicated unmetered dual-core box in California, USA.

IRC: irc://

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OdinMS and LocalMS – MapleStory Private Servers

Posted by compactwater on February11 2008

(If you are looking for help on the OdinMS source, you can find that here.)

Unfortunately, OdinMS has split up. The developers and Paul are no longer together, and have created separate servers. Account registrations are open, to register your forum account must be active for at least three days (OdinMS). Any unreasonable comments on this post will be ignored.


Drama has happened, and the devs and Paul have gone their separate ways.



Paul, our old hoster, doesn’t like it anymore that he is not the boss and can’t do whatever he wants.
There already have been many arguments between him and us and the last straw was that he stripped us of our administrator rights in the forum.
Well the problem with that is: It’s not his server, he was just hosting it. Serpendiem and me are the only developers and guess what? Yes, this gives US the right to do whatever we want.

You can get more information here or here.

LocalMS: or (Thanks, Draus)

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Kathos MS

Posted by compactwater on February2 2008

A short note to anyone wondering about Kathos MS, the Private Server by CJ (aka [MSS] CJ), it was a fake. By scamming though donations, and attempting to get hits, the domain name was probably sold for a high price. Unfortunately if you donated, there is no legal action you can take to get your money back, try to be more careful with who you trust over the Internet.

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Posted by compactwater on August28 2007

I’ve made a new page called “Linky”. It should help any new visitors with navigation, or help on learning new things about Flash Hacking, Cheat Engine, Variables, Delphi/Pascal, and Visual Basic. It will also include small amounts of PHP, html, and Perl. It will link to tutorials, information, and anything related to hacking. It also links to Cheat Engine Forums, please  remember to read the rules, stickied posts, announcements, and recent posts before asking a question, it may have already been answered, or it is not allowed. If you don’t follow the rules, you will be banned. If you continue to disobey the rules you will be permanently banned, followed by an IP ban, be respectful to other users.

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User-verification, Scams, Paysites.

Posted by compactwater on August23 2007

Paysites, what are they? A place where ‘professional’ programmers sell cheats for games, usually stolen. The reason sites like those exist is because most people don’t learn. They don’t learn how to do something on their own, and so they look for others to do it for them, with no results. Then they come across a Paysite, and buy something. And what’d’ya know? It works! But the thing is, they didn’t make it, they didn’t learn anything from it, and they wasted money for something that was already fully ‘public’ and possibly even open-source.
Why DO people pay others to do work for them? Because they are lazy.

Something I’ve noticed about some sites which offer bots, hacks, and etc for Neopets is a user-verification system. It is to make sure you’re a member of the site, and with that, they can be sure only users from their site can access the programs. Something I didn’t notice, is they actually force you to put the verification in the program YOU have created, and by doing so, you submit your program to their site, as their property. It means you aren’t the creator anymore. You should never modify your source, just to fit the needs of a community.

A good example of this is Neocodex, which was originally created by raredaredevil. History on it is fuzzy, but the administrators of Neocodex used their programs to attract users and steal accounts, even though the programs are fully functional, so no-one suspected it.

Quote from raredaredevil himself:

I was the creator of Neocodex, hydrogen just had a free promo host with godaddy. We met on a msn group. I needed a host, he needed a programmer.

They started to hack there own members, so I released that info to the public and got banned from a site I made.

Since I released info about them hacking there own members, I have been disliked by many of course they denied the entire thing and said all screenshots made were faked by me. Then about a year later they admitted it, by then no one cared and I kept the label of a bad person who tried to take the site down.

Back then I was like 14-16 years old (not sure exactly) I have no reason to join a forum anymore , I will soon make (need a msql database) and then I will shift every single program full public, full open source. Having to join a forum and release your programs to climb ranks makes no sense, the admin of a site should be glad to have you and your programs not the other way round.

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