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Neopets Flash Information

Posted by compactwater on November16 2007

Any sort of information you may want from a Neopets flash game- now available. This is pretty much useless to anyone, but may help in understanding of Neopets flash. Since the WebBrowser and SockwaveFlash elements are IE based, you’ll have to be logged in through IE to notice any changes.

Neopets Flash Information



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Neopets SWF Finder & Downloader

Posted by compactwater on October7 2007

Simply enter the Game ID, and this will get the SWF location, and download the game. Good for downloading Neopets games to decompile and hack them. And as always It’s open-source.
Don’t know what a Game ID is? Here:

Neopets GameID

Download it.

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IP Banned? No problem.

Posted by compactwater on October6 2007

You’ve probably been IP banned from a game or two. But you can never play the game again- or so you thought. You can use a proxy to access the site/game once again! The first thing you should know, is that not every proxy will work. They aren’t up 24/7, so if you find one that doesn’t work, go on to another. New to proxies? No worries, you don’t need to learn anything complicated.

Sample Configureation

Install an add-on for configuring a proxy, any one will do. Next, find a proxy. I recommend using this. Test if it works by enabling the proxy, and trying to access, or some other site. If it loads, you should test it by matching it with your current IP. Get your IP at Now access any site you’ve been IP banned from (Neopets, Gaia Online, etc) to see if it works 100%.

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Online Flash Hacking, what you should know

Posted by compactwater on September9 2007

When hacking an online/web-based flash game, you should always remember you can get banned, and even worse, an IP ban. This list is to help anyone become a “not-so-nooby flash hacker”, and maybe even learn something. (Note: This is mainly based on Neopets.)

  1. Always use a proxy when testing hacks, don’t use the same proxy for more than one account, and don’t communicate between multiple accounts, you may get chain-banned.
  2. Never use ‘tools’ or ‘hacks’ downloaded from the internet that ask for a username, password or other personal information, that includes online forms that ask for information.
  3. Never give out your in-game-name, or anyother information that may lead to your account, game masters do watch sites.
  4. Don’t boast about being a hacker, that’s the quickest way to get banned.
  5. Don’t share your account, no matter who it is or who you ‘think’ you can trust, your account can be banned for being accessed by more than one person.
  6. Never go above or close to high scores, you’ll probably be banned, and there may be a max limit to how much you can earn from the game.
  7. It’s your choice to give the public information or hacks, if someone else does it before you, there’s nothing you can do about it.
  8. If you don’t need an item, sell it for cheap, drop it, or give it away, so there’s room for something you do need.
  9. Neopoint Generators are real, not the kinds you see on forms as scams. There are many ways to do it, but don’t give away your information, you will get scammed, use another account to test if it is real.
  10. Never use the same, or similar information for more than one account, it can be traced, and you can be chain-banned by it- never underestimate the game masters.
  11. If you are banned, or IP banned, get another proxy, and make a new account with new information. (Name, e-mail, birth date, etc.) and write it down somewhere safe.
  12. Using a bot is probably more dangerous than hacking. If you’re online for more than a few hours/days, you have a high chance of being banned, especially since your movements/patters will be the same every time.
  13. If the game includes more than one player (yourself), don’t hack, you will get banned, or hack lightly.
  14. Don’t act ‘l33t’ or better than everyone else, don’t become a top member, etc., or you’ll be targeted quickly, and possibly banned.
  15. Give and take from the hacking community, learn, and don’t become a “leecher“.

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Automated Login

Posted by compactwater on August22 2007

Most controls use IE, and the cookies stored with IE, and users will not be logged in through a trainer, because it is reading from IE’s cookies. For short, an automated login logs into the website without you having to do anything. A setback to this is stealing account information. An obvious scam is if the provider asks for a username and password, but has no valid reason, or in return offers money, or items. It’s best to never trust an automated login unless the provider gives the source.

In Delphi, logging in is simple, Neopets uses a login.phtml to login, and when data is ‘posted’ to that, it will check it, and if it matches you will be logged in, this is the same for almost any web-based login. You can also use HTML to login, but it may not be necessary. Everything is sent to 1 url, like this:

(Don’t try anything funny with that account, it’s frozen.) It seems too simple to be true, but it is. You can login to any account by following that url. To make the automated login in Delphi, you will need the TWebBrowser control and 2 Edit boxes, 1 button, and 1 line of code. Confused? See this:
WebBrowser1.Navigate(‘’ + Edit1.Text + ‘&password=’ + Edit2.Text);

You can see there’s no trick to it, visit that url, and you’re logged in.

Now onto Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). HTML is used to design websites, along with PHP, Java, and various other things, even the login for Neopets. Because this isn’t an HTML blog, I’ll shove this at you, and leave the rest to common sense:
<form action=”; method=”POST”>
<input type=”text” name=”username”>
<input type=”password” name=”password”>
<input type=”submit” value=”Login!”>

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NCE and NTS – Neopets Trainers

Posted by compactwater on August15 2007

You want to hack Neopets now, don’t you? Well, something you should know before I continue, is that almost every single hack for Neopets is a fake. Why? They ask for your information, usually promising Neopoints or items in return… but, an automated login is not fake. Please keep that in mind before using any ‘hacks’ for Neopets, so you aren’t scammed.

Here’s an example of the ‘code’ used:

  1. LoadGame(552,1,Uber Score)
  2. cheat1var(_root.controller.gGame.mcBigBoss._x,0)
  3. cheat1var2(_root.controller.gGame.mcBigBoss._y,0)

Bold – Function
Orange – Game ID
Red – Number of cheats
Violet – Name of cheat(s)
Green – Variable
Blue – Value to set Variable

Cheats go into ‘.rare’ files in the scripts folder. If you did something wrong, the cheats or game will not load. Also, be very careful to only use what you need, if you get close to the high scores you will be frozen (banned), making other accounts to hold your items and/or Neopoints is not a good idea, you can get chain banned, meaning every account of yours will be frozen. Using a proxy is useless, you can still be chain banned, remember to be careful with these trainers.

raredaredevil: 29 october 07 changed the flash game load code [nts] to work again
NCE by SciExTron:
NTS by raredaredevil:

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