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Too good?

Posted by compactwater on September12 2007

Some games have the build-in or server-sided ability to detect when a player is just “too good”, and will raise a flag that will result in your ban. On the other side, it may detected the player being too good, and immediately ban them, or boot them from the current game, and set them for review by game masters/administrators. Not all games have this, and it is usually only included in online games, to keep users from using trainers, or bots, to cheat in the game. A problem with most bots, is they do the same exact thing in every case, and it can lead to an obvious hacker, which is why “Human Error” should always be an option on a bot (if the game detects the original pattern). If the bot varies its results, it will become harder for it to be detected as a bot.

The simple point behind it, is to make it as if someone where actually sitting at the computer, monitoring every move to be only as perfect as a human can get. Meaning, instead of getting 5/5 every time, get 4/5, maybe even 2/5, and sometimes 5/5, depending on actual results from a human player. Bots should always be tested for a long period of time to be sure they do not cause (large) damage to the user, and to be sure that there are no errors.

If you move your mouse to X,Y every 10 seconds and click, then move it to X,Y and click after 3 seconds for 5 hours, you’re going to get banned, it’s simple. Now, if you click at X+random,Y+random every 10+random seconds and move to X+random,Y+random and click again every 3+random seconds for maybe 2-3 hours, it’d be harder to find out if that person was cheating, but still possible.

Let’s take Gaia Fishing for example. In Gaia Fishing, there is user-interaction, which could lead to someone figuring out you’re cheating, and reporting you. The reason varies from, “I hate hackers” to “Teach me how to hack”. You can never tell why they do it, but they do, and it’s just another thing you have to look out for. Thus: An auto-chat. A small tool that will respond to common phrases said in the game, out of random parts of a sentence.
I am busy fishing, I’ll talk later.
I’m fishing, I will talk later.
I’m busy!

Bye, Later, Cya, Goodbye, Hello, etc…

That would lower suspicion, but if done wrong (in an obvious way) , it could make you stand out. Human Error can only be created through trial and error… or if you happen to know any sort of detection methods they may use, you can try to reverse it, disable it, or create a bot with Human Error.


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