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Main language: Delphi Pascal
Other languages: Visual Basic, HTML, PHP, Perl.

I am no longer actively updating my blog, sorry.

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16 Responses to “Profile”

  1. Nelson Choeng said


  2. Raimundo94 said

    Do You Like Neopets?????

  3. wTf-NiCkk-xO said

    Kent! mind teaching me some programming ? =P i wanna learn bad =D

  4. Flabbergasted said

    Hey, can you provide the sources for this The links don’t work anymore.

  5. Flabbergasted said

    Oh nvm, it’s on your site. But how about for the second part? (2/3)

  6. This wouldn’t be the spot to ask about that… But the host I was using was shut down, so alot of my files were deleted.
    From the post, the entire source was only a small example of code.

    try //start something
    HAND:=FindWindow(nil, PChar(Edit1.Text)); //Find the window
    MySayso:=StrToInt(Edit2.Text); //Set the message. You may want to use Cardinal instead of Integer.
    SendMessage(HAND, MySayso, 0, 0); //Send the message
    except //If there’s an error…
    on error: Exception do
    MessageBox(Self.Handle, PChar(String(error.Message)), PChar(String(error.ClassName)), MB_OK); //Show what (if anything) went wrong.

  7. Alfred said

    Hi, would you please add me on msn?

    it’s much more better to communicate in there. 😀

  8. You seem to be pretty popular, I have heard of you before… Probably from LolSalad or SCRN.

  9. Matt Jones said

    Hey I live in Frisco and I saw you posting about Plano ISD lol.

  10. can u guys teach me this my gt in halo 3 is manheaven828.or kan u guy do it 4 me

  11. ryansky said

    Hi, im newbie to this. Can u provide trainer for yoville on fb.. ??

  12. crazyo30 said

    lol funny i already got all of the stuff :O!

  13. crazyo30 said


  14. mike said

    i want to have E.O.D

  15. mikemarq said

    i want to have recon

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