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The end

Posted by compactwater on July29 2008

Unfortunately due to personal issues I can no longer continue my blog. However, this does not mean I am leaving. If you wish to contact me, you can do so by e-mail. My blog will stay up, I may edit a post or two, remove spam and such, but I will not be updating for awhile.

I hope you enjoyed reading and learned something.

– compactwater


5 Responses to “The end”

  1. Shackl said

    Sorry your house caught on fire. I thought you meant to burn the cabbages so I didn’t tell you when I saw the smoke coming out of your kitchen.

  2. Shackl said




  3. NewWorldOrder said

    Hey compact, this is NWO (yes the real one from CEF) sad that you had to discontinue your blog but I just came by to say hi.

  4. ControlAltDelete said

    You may not remember me, But you should visit CheatEngine once in a while. ;-;

  5. hey compact water this site good and very usefull for me. i would like to check your site regularly.

    thank you

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