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OdinMS and LocalMS – MapleStory Private Servers

Posted by compactwater on February11 2008

(If you are looking for help on the OdinMS source, you can find that here.)

Unfortunately, OdinMS has split up. The developers and Paul are no longer together, and have created separate servers. Account registrations are open, to register your forum account must be active for at least three days (OdinMS). Any unreasonable comments on this post will be ignored.


Drama has happened, and the devs and Paul have gone their separate ways.



Paul, our old hoster, doesn’t like it anymore that he is not the boss and can’t do whatever he wants.
There already have been many arguments between him and us and the last straw was that he stripped us of our administrator rights in the forum.
Well the problem with that is: It’s not his server, he was just hosting it. Serpendiem and me are the only developers and guess what? Yes, this gives US the right to do whatever we want.

You can get more information here or here.

LocalMS: or (Thanks, Draus)


35 Responses to “OdinMS and LocalMS – MapleStory Private Servers”

  1. FillerX said

    Paul i have a account for the beta but my password is to long and the site is down how can i chang my pw? Mfg Filler

  2. Phil said

    It seems that my account has been deleted, i tried to log in this morning and its not letting m, even though i could log in last night what the hell is happening??????

  3. Exidis said

    It seems the website is showing everyone something about Account Suspended. People are getting crazy, maybe it’s happening as Kathos MS.

  4. Phil said

    Ye ive been getting account suspended as well. Ive talked to and they said that in order to find out why its been suspended you either have to be registered and submit a ticket or contact paul directly. AAAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH

  5. adam said

    Hey what happened to the local ms websight? its suspended?

  6. Exidis said

    It’s getting really annoying, anyone knows a fucking answer?

  7. Mike said

    Currently, the owner of LocalMS is having some “problematic” situations with some things, so in terms to the suspension, it may OR may not be permanent, hence the “suspended accounts” and not “banned accounts”. Suggestions are to just hang in there for awhile, and watch and see what happens, there is no use fussing over something we may not get an answer to. If you would like to personally get servage to answer your questions because you’re THAT desperate, do as it says, and get a ticket. In regards to contacting Paul, all I can say is good luck with that.

    Hang in there, they are working on it.

  8. Paul said

    LocalMS is now shut down. Have a nice day.

  9. Mystery said

    Wow shut down huh Paul?

  10. Exidis said

    Please, is so easy to impersonate someone, don’t belive that “Paul”

  11. Paul said

    omg iam paul, accualy iam not, see anyone can impersonate paul, and if he said it was shut down, he would have gave a real reason (this is not paul) i personally hope its up soon also

  12. Naruto said

    aaarrrggghhhh when can it come back!!! u wanna make aacc aarrgghh

  13. Exidis said

    It’s down again. . .-_- back to waiting, I hope I can create an account today, since I have university.

  14. iwannaplay =( said

    i wanna play =(
    heard all about ms private servers and if i cant play on this one… anyone know an alternate?

  15. Brett said

    I don’t know what’s happening, but even though the site’s down, the game is still up…sometimes.

  16. PaulZ said

    Hey, Paul Z here..

    Loads of stuff I need to do before I can get the forum back up, but you should know that the game server is still on. There will be a wipe btw.

    By the way, stop sending my personal e-mail for account requests, send it to my alias e-mail used for LocalMS. (

    I’ll update ASAP.

  17. Phil said

    So do you mean a wipe of all accounts, and therefore another registration? if so when and please can you make it available and not change it as last time people in europe could not register as the second wave of registration was 5am here for us.

    Thank you very much

  18. LolSalad said

    compactwater, you’re alive (as of 8 days ago :P) =D

  19. I’m sorry about that mythe that’s been going around, I do not have any terminal conditions.

  20. Draus said

    Local MS is back up. You can find it at ,happy mapling ^^

  21. mniopåerskofp said

    Verification doesn’t work??

  22. mniopåerskofp said

    answer pls?

  23. Verification, as far as I know, does not work on the site, but should not matter. You can still play the game.
    However, you may need to consult the forums for more help on this.

  24. mniopåerskofp said

    how long time the log in queue does take? i have been waiting like 15 minutes… -.-

  25. That depends on however many users are currently logged in. There is a server limit, and you have to wait for other users to log off before you can log in. You will also have to wait behind a trail of whoever else was trying to login before you.

  26. peter said

    How do i make an accun on local ms!!!!!!!!

    thx in adv.

  27. sam said

    its not working so emai me how

  28. loopzer said

    your theme is giving me php errors ?

  29. Some of the urls on your site appear invalid. I think you should fix them 😦

  30. GrahamDent said

    hmm private servers?? maybe i can sign up one day

  31. varundbest said

    Cool! I just came to your blog via Google and I seriously loved it! The effort you do in posting here is seriously fantastic and I am pleased about it. Keep going buddy.

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  33. NX Cash said

    Great job on this website. Enjoying it alot hahah.

    Favorited! q:

  34. RennaCross said

    Aww…… Shut down -_- for how many monthes, year,day?

  35. eu armory said

    eu armory…

    […]OdinMS and LocalMS – MapleStory Private Servers « Shifu-Hacks Blog[…]…

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