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OdinMS and LocalMS – MapleStory Private Servers

Posted by compactwater on February11 2008

(If you are looking for help on the OdinMS source, you can find that here.)

Unfortunately, OdinMS has split up. The developers and Paul are no longer together, and have created separate servers. Account registrations are open, to register your forum account must be active for at least three days (OdinMS). Any unreasonable comments on this post will be ignored.


Drama has happened, and the devs and Paul have gone their separate ways.



Paul, our old hoster, doesn’t like it anymore that he is not the boss and can’t do whatever he wants.
There already have been many arguments between him and us and the last straw was that he stripped us of our administrator rights in the forum.
Well the problem with that is: It’s not his server, he was just hosting it. Serpendiem and me are the only developers and guess what? Yes, this gives US the right to do whatever we want.

You can get more information here or here.

LocalMS: or (Thanks, Draus)


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Kathos MS

Posted by compactwater on February2 2008

A short note to anyone wondering about Kathos MS, the Private Server by CJ (aka [MSS] CJ), it was a fake. By scamming though donations, and attempting to get hits, the domain name was probably sold for a high price. Unfortunately if you donated, there is no legal action you can take to get your money back, try to be more careful with who you trust over the Internet.

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