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Pown Alluc (dot) Org Copy

Posted by compactwater on January21 2008

Ever want to completely rip-off and copy I didn’t think so, but you can anyways. Included in this file is a copy of and the first 10 flashes on the site. To use this, you must have PHP (and file access) on your server. The file “source.res” contains source information for each flash, each line goes with each flash ID, so putting something on line 10 will show up as the source for flash 10.
Note: Though I am the creator of this specific file, I do not take any claim to its origin.

Edit: Seems the pown alluc site has changed up a bit. However, I will not be updating this, as functionality is more important than looks.

Pown Alluc dot Org copy
Download pown!


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