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Halo 3 Character Maker

Posted by compactwater on November17 2007

Make a snapshot of your Halo 3 character for… no reason at all.
Just play around with it.

Updated: Fixed bug with Chest and Left and Right Shoulders.

Halo 3 Character Maker



362 Responses to “Halo 3 Character Maker”

  1. Myron said

    Awesome program, first off. But I think something is off with the chests? Hayabusa/EOD specifically, perhaps more.

  2. I believe you are right. I’ll fix it right away.

  3. Meh said

    What the heck? It keeps prompting me to open the file, but when I hit open, it just brings up the prompter again!

  4. “Meh”, could you be more specific as to what the problem is?
    Maybe a screenshot?

    • xxmaxwellxx said

      how do i get it running??????????????????????????????????????

  5. sputnik said

    good job with the program, no problems on my part.

  6. Bob said

    Amazing. Great quality; I’m loving this. I’ve been looking for something like this. The ability to design my character so quickly without having to mess around in the game…well done!

  7. this is amazing !i like the first creature a lot its so hot!

  8. Mike said

    i could download it fine but i couldnt cuz i dont got the program. can u tell me where 2 get it 4 free…..or change it 2 something everyone has. please

  9. Are you sure? It should be in the archive as “Project1.exe”.

  10. Mizzy said

    It would be good if the insignia could be placed on the armour as well.

  11. Unfoutunately with the method I used to get the armour, that is not possible. Though it is possible to generate an insignia and place it on top of the image. (Such as on the Halo Leader-board.)

  12. Kumori Guardian said

    lol SCRN would love this thing XD

  13. comedianmasta said

    It’s not working 4 me. I don’t think I have the software, and the “help/ FAQ” isn’t helping. What are the EXACT requirements for this program and downloading, because obviously I’m not doing SOMETHING right.

  14. IE 6.0 or higher. If you’re running on Linux you may be able to use Wine.

  15. uliseto said

    colors wont work can u tell me if that can be fixed? or somthing

  16. Brandon said

    AhH! I want to download it but I can’t. What do I need for it?

  17. You must use an archiver to extract the files.
    I use WinRAR.

  18. chevyboy432 said

    i download it then hit open and internet explorer comes up then closes then the open/save/cancel box comes up again

  19. SCRN said


  20. comedianmasta said

    I’m sorry, this looks cool and all and It’s exactly what I need, but it’s not downloading for me. It keeps saying “File cannot be found. I’m just giving up. If you find a better way to upload it or an easier way to use it then in that case e-mail me by:, thank you.

  21. Not sure why it would not work for you. Try this link:

  22. Great job! Ive been wondering how people get those pictures. The pictures could be bigger though o-o

  23. robin wallaart said

    wy can’t i play it better said how can i play it man

  24. LolSalad said

    @ Robin Wallaart: Play it? It’s not a game.

  25. SCRN said

    that should be the stupidest quote of teh year

  26. stevf said

    how do you download it?

  27. Click one of the download links at the bottom of my post.

  28. Upgrayd said

    i have the same problem as chevyboy432 it asks me to open then it keeps asking me to open it any suggesions on what to do???

  29. KMNeir said

    It does the same thing u know i don’t know where to get WinRAR. Internet Explorer Box pops up /Save/Open/Cancel/

  30. Upgrayd said

    i found the program

  31. Trooper2337 said

    i cant open the file.

  32. jack said

    how do we open the file

  33. Upgrayd said

    what do u mean do u mean the link or the program to open the program u open the first program then (if u have the right program in the link i put) open the bottom folder then look in the folder for the one the says program on the right my email is if u have anymore questions

  34. KMNeir said

    nice one Upgrayd, i think i know how to download character maker. nice suggestion by the way.

  35. KMNeir said

    it doesn’t work Upgrayd. WinRAR won’t let me access.

  36. ? said

    what do u get to create a halo 3 character or just make it look like it

  37. ? said

    plz reply: what do u get to create a halo 3 character or just make it look like it

  38. ? said

    my 360 busted

  39. KMNeir said

    i haven’t got to do any work on that stuff. yeah and also my 360 also got busted

  40. KMNeir said

    don’t know? 😐

  41. John said

    when i try to download it it says error for some reason
    i already have winRAR
    so im just asking if u could help me

  42. colin said

    i downloaded this but how do you use it i dont know how to get pic on? help

  43. KMNeir said

    i cant get this on when i used first used winRAR

  44. ho88s said

    really cool,I was wondering why you cant do the same thing but with emblems???That would be cool also.

  45. brendon said

    works great my only suggestion is to be able to view the whole character top to bottom in one screen for a good snapshot…

  46. e-mail me how said

    how do you open a .rar file I have never had to open one,


    E-mail me at:

  47. Nick said

    do i need winrar becuse i got rid of it and it was screwn with my conputer.

  48. kyle said

    how do you downlode this

  49. S0y 31337 said

    You do all know the guy probably has better things to do than explain everything to you all don’t you?

  50. Dragun said

    Help me I can’t use this offline it is driving me crazy

  51. PO16125 said

    plese make me in

  52. ME said

    um, how do I use it??? I downloaded the file and saved it to my computer. But when I try to open it, a window pops up asking me what program to open it with and it shows a lits of my most recently used programs. What do I open it with? What is a .rar file?

  53. ME said

    nevermind, i got it.

  54. problem said

    but i cant get it, how do i get a .rar file?

  55. sam said

    it wont work on mine it dont cume up on winRAR

  56. Camzy said

    I want to know this isnt a trogen horse or a virus

  57. my xbox is now fixed and i really unlocked lots of armor permutations. Has anyone unlocked any Elite Armor?

  58. hi man said

    i cant get on my xbox

  59. hi man said

    is it free

  60. Some Elite said

    I have no Idea how to download this thing!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!Arrrr!!!



  63. HOW DOES IT WORK MAGIC MAN??? =) -_-



  65. U REALLY

  66. person who likes xbox and halo 3 said

    does this actually change ur character, or do u just mess around?

  67. xxmaxwellxx said

    how do i get it?????????????????????????????????????????

  68. xDinosaurs said

    Sorry but this one doing so well, too many bugs to fix and This one works much better, and without download!

  69. bazz said

    it doesnt work.

  70. headshot88 said

    it is not working how do u do posst a comment how to get it or tell me direcions

    • dead sa1nt said

      yea i cant get it and also i dont think it would work but its a try………………………..

  71. chaos said

    i cant open the prompt
    can you help?

  72. headshot88 said

    yeah look at xdinosours something will be high lighted in blue it says this one works much better click on it it pops u up then u are there type your gamertag and there u are my gamertag for xbox live is addictivebark2 and add my other account captainc713 comment back to headshot88 im out

  73. headshot88 said

    halo 3 character maker rules oh dont ask me for recon cuz my dad is a bungie emloyee but if u impress me i will tell my dad if he could ask his pro leader if he could give any one of u can have recon but if u want to wait to halo3 comes out be free to oh yeah one more thing i played halo 3 odst it is legit and awesome for one reson the new smg or whatever they call it is way stonger than the smg in halo3 and the spartan laser is stonger to icant beilive how stong the spartan laser is in halo 3 odst i meen wow so send me a message back i u belive me send a comment back an add me my gamertag is addictivebark2 im headshot88 is i think im the only one that has recon in halo 3 and halo3 odst so im headshot88 telling u for a good deal for recon headshot88 is going out of town to washinton to go to bungie studiose to visit my dad so he could try to give me the flame ill tell u his gt rocketmoose so this is headshot88 is going out of town for a week but i will still be checking comments if poeple send me some. some this is a great deal if u want recon send a comment back ok see you later headshot88 is out bye

  74. headshot88 said

    wow lollololololololololololololololololololololololololololololollololoolololollololoollolololololololololololololoollololoollolololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololollololololololololol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. ddonwheels said

    i cant open the file.

  76. Nick said

    If I use this is it possible to use armors that I haven’t unlocked in the game?

  77. John said

    How do you get it to work on XBOX?

  78. Shaggy said

    Hey umm.. no offence but what exactly is the point of this program, i mean, cant you just make screenshots through the ‘Halo 3 Theatre’ module?

  79. adam said

    does it downlode a virus ?????

  80. bob said


  81. vistaninja said

    How do I do this????????

  82. kevin906 said

    how do i even downlode it

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    but seriously, amazing post and thanks allot !!
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  84. FulpSter said

    can you download recon armor???

  85. kurt said


  86. michael said

    man how do you do it

  87. Jonathan said

    will I be banned? Will it cause a Virus? Don’t fuckin’ lie to me

  88. killerpope said

    Hmm seems it doesent work for me Huh 😦

  89. CAn sum 1 help me get recon Armur!?

  90. juz wow what you wrote really made me happier! (ok i know you’ll think im a retard haha!) You deserve to spend some time relaxing with some decent

  91. None of your bizwaxx said

    Hey i cant download it it says ” The file you requested was not found “

  92. CheifRyu said

    I want only the recon helmet not the armor so can I please have the helmet if you think you can?p.s I bet you can beat me up in halo 3 always and I am good at assault rifles!

  93. james said

    how can i download it ? pleas tell me how

  94. connor said

    Hi I love Halo 3 but its broken and I can’t fix it how can I?

  95. connor said

    igoz flameing recon!

  96. James said

    wtf it wont let me down load it it just brings up whopper things & money stuff & online battle video game sign up pages

  97. John said

    Can u re-upload i cant download it and this is the solution they gave me 😦

  98. recon sparks said


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  101. bob said

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  102. william said

    how do u download it

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