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Flash Player

Posted by compactwater on November24 2007

The point in this is to be able to play flash files even if the flash player isn’t installed on a computer (such as school computers). Or if the ability to play flash files has been disabled. Comes with all the basics, frame selection, open file, stop, play, and scalemode.
Original source:

Flash Player

Download it!


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Halo 3 Character Maker

Posted by compactwater on November17 2007

Make a snapshot of your Halo 3 character for… no reason at all.
Just play around with it.

Updated: Fixed bug with Chest and Left and Right Shoulders.

Halo 3 Character Maker


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Neopets Flash Information

Posted by compactwater on November16 2007

Any sort of information you may want from a Neopets flash game- now available. This is pretty much useless to anyone, but may help in understanding of Neopets flash. Since the WebBrowser and SockwaveFlash elements are IE based, you’ll have to be logged in through IE to notice any changes.

Neopets Flash Information


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File Encrypt/Decrypt

Posted by compactwater on November7 2007

This tool will encrypt and decrypt files. Note: This is a very simple method of encryption, not recommended for major files. This release is also available in German, and as always has the source (for German and English) included.
Original Sources:

Download source here.

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