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.SOL Editor

Posted by compactwater on October29 2007

A flash hacking alternative to variable editing and cheat engine, you can change values saved by the game in a “.sol” file. Simple example: saves a .SOL file to remember your volume and mute settings, though editing that is pretty much useless. Download .SOL Editor.

You will find the .SOL files in x:\Documents and Settings\[account-name]\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\ followed by the name of the website. If the game was running from your computer, the .SOL will be in the “localhost” folder. Replace ‘x’ with your main drive, the one with your OS, and the account-name with the currently logged in user. Note: This will only edit data saved by the flash! Not everything can be changed.

Once you find your target, open it and search for anything of use (health, ammo, level, etc.) once found, edit it to the desired value and save, you should make a backup of all .SOL files before you edit them, because you may screw something up by doing this- and the flash will never work again until returned to it’s original state. It is also possible that the flash will reject the .SOL if it has been modified.

If you’re more into visual learning, you can see the tutorial on Cheat Engine forums for more information.


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