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Neopets SWF Finder & Downloader

Posted by compactwater on October7 2007

Simply enter the Game ID, and this will get the SWF location, and download the game. Good for downloading Neopets games to decompile and hack them. And as always It’s open-source.
Don’t know what a Game ID is? Here:

Neopets GameID

Download it.


8 Responses to “Neopets SWF Finder & Downloader”

  1. Heather said

    Thanks for this. It’s extremely helpful. 🙂

  2. Saj said

    Download link not working

  3. barm said

    DL link not working…

  4. barm said

    whats the thing do?it just makes my play in a mini window…

  5. nEHAL said

    Here’s an idea…

    Copy the link and open Notepad and paste it with the following code.


    Now, click “Save As”, then “anythin.htm”

    Then open that and right click the “Link”, then “Save link As”.

    There you go!

  6. nEHAL said

    Ooops… It won’t show the code there…

  7. ShivamD said

    Please re-upload this thing… to megaupload. Many of us have not a premium RapidShare account.. I want this! plz upload if someone downloaded it..

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