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IP Banned? No problem.

Posted by compactwater on October6 2007

You’ve probably been IP banned from a game or two. But you can never play the game again- or so you thought. You can use a proxy to access the site/game once again! The first thing you should know, is that not every proxy will work. They aren’t up 24/7, so if you find one that doesn’t work, go on to another. New to proxies? No worries, you don’t need to learn anything complicated.

Sample Configureation

Install an add-on for configuring a proxy, any one will do. Next, find a proxy. I recommend using this. Test if it works by enabling the proxy, and trying to access, or some other site. If it loads, you should test it by matching it with your current IP. Get your IP at Now access any site you’ve been IP banned from (Neopets, Gaia Online, etc) to see if it works 100%.


5 Responses to “IP Banned? No problem.”

  1. pre4 said

    This ip locator is really nice. bookmarked.

  2. Ale said

    I was wondering if you coukd help me with this.

  3. DA said

    i need help doing this can you tell me what Proxy add-on you use please.

  4. I use this one:

  5. Maria said

    Wow. This site has a good proxy checker though:
    Proxy Checker

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