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DLL Update

Posted by compactwater on September24 2007

DLLDynamic Link Library
If your program is going to have constant updates, you should consider using a dll to update it’s functions. It will save time when updating, and won’t aggravate users by having to download a newer version every week or so. Don’t know how to make a dll? Try this. After reading, you’ll understand it better.

What should go in a dll:
Version information
Main functions
Form information (Colour, size, etc)
Images and sounds (by using .res)
Changed update location

What should not go in a dll:
Temporary information
Operating System (OS) dependent functions
Release notes
Encrypted/Packed/Obfuscated information
A dll (Yes, a dll should not go in a dll.)

And now all that’s left is finding a reliable (or free) server to host the updates.


3 Responses to “DLL Update”

  1. Iamok said

    Hey there, was wondering if I could get permission to post these on my resource site.

  2. Sure you can. 🙂

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    site as a most excellent sitee for mst up-to-date updates.

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