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Simple bot creation (Part 1/3)

Posted by compactwater on August30 2007

Editor’s note: If you’re lazy, skip to paragraph 6.

I’m sure you’ve used a bot before. A nice tool to make things easier. Well, making the bot isn’t too hard. But you should always remember to have a good reason for the bot, instead of hacking the game for the same, or even better effect. To make a simple or ‘basic’ bot, you will use Pixel detection and a method of input through the Keyboard or Mouse.

It’s a bit confusing thinking about it, but when you see the program in action, you’ll understand better. The basic thought behind a bot is, “If foo is bar, do X.”, meaning if a pixel is red, press a key, move the mouse and click, and/or alert the user. A good example of this would be an auto-clicker, it does what the user wants, so the user is happy. Something everyone (should) know, is that RuneScape isn’t generally ‘hackable’, but you can use a botting program, such as an auto-miner. It does what the user wants, and so the user is happy. When making a bot, that is all you need to know to get good reviews. If there is just one flaw, the user will not be happy.

Interviewing, or reading users’ responses will help you improving your bot, making it more advanced, and user-friendly. A user will use another bot over yours if it cannot do everything the other can and better, watch other bots, and their development, and improve and learn from them. Another important method is using BETA testers to see how your bot works, if there are any flaws or errors, what can be changed, and how to make it more user-friendly, so the initial release is not disgraced.

Version information should always be recorded and released publicly, and older versions should always be made available, and open-source. Making your bot open-source will help others learn, and others help you improve on your source. If you don’t like open-source, you can choose a trusted ‘partner’ to give the source to. You should never use malware to create your bot without informing the user of it’s reason, such as using a RootKit to make the bot undetected by Anti-Cheat software, or a dll injection to force accepted input, which could also set off anti-virus.

As anyone should know, using a bot can get you banned. If you aren’t careful, you will be banned, and possibly even permanently banned, which would require the use of a proxy to access the game again. But, some people don’t realize the risks and dangers of using the bot, so you should always use a disclaimer… otherwise some angry guy will say it’s all your fault he/she got banned, or that your bot is a scam, and you stole his account, etc.

Ready to make a bot!? You need to read and understand everything else before you continue, unless you’re an advanced user who can be very flexible. First: The objective of the bot. What will it do, how, when, and where? For my example, it’s a simple auto-clicker. But I will also teach you the use of Pixel detection and keyboard inputs.

  1. Clicking. Is it easy? Yes. Can doing it faster than a speeding bullet crash someone’s computer? Yes. Would that make a good bot? No. With clicking, it can be hard. Some slower computers cannot take input any faster than 20 milliseconds, as others can go faster than 20 nanoseconds, and because of this, you need to make your clicking adjustable by the user, usually by automated detection (advanced) or a simple edit box. In my example I used “mouse_event“, because of it’s option of mouse down and mouse up.
  2. Keyboard input. Yes, it’s easy, if it goes to fast it’ll crash, and not being flexible will make a very bad bot. It’s actually harder to decide which method of input to use when making it. SendInput, SendMessage or PostMessage, keyboard hooks, and etc. The bot should only use one input method, unless for multitasking. Also, some keys should never be used, such as F1 (help), and F12(break), because it can interfere with the bot.
  3. Pixel detection. Its much more simple than many may think. Most commonly used with Print Screen, BitBlt, and GetPixel (not to be confused with SetPixel). Pixel detection has to do with the Blue(GetBValue)-Green(GetGValue)-Red(GetRValue) values of a pixel. If they match, or are close to a certain value, the bot will be active, or alert the user. The pixel’s location should NEVER be hard-coded, it should be configurable by the user through the mouse with GetCursorPos.

Now, clicking. Here’s how it’s done with Mouse_Event:
mouse_event(MOUSEEVENTF_LEFTDOWN, 0, 0, 0, 0); //Mouse down (click and hold)
mouse_event(MOUSEEVENTF_LEFTUP, 0, 0, 0, 0); //Mouse up (release)

So now you’re ready to make an auto-clicker! (Happy?)
Get the source: (Unavailable due to the host dying, a fourth time)

Keyboard input and Pixel detection will come later!


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  1. bubu said

    get the source? 😦 the file isn’t there anymore

  2. impact said

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  3. Guy said

    Hm… I just need it to click every hour or so. Does it work for that too?

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