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Basic Flash Hacking – How to?

Posted by compactwater on July29 2007

Flash Hacking is very simple, don’t be discouraged by ‘advanced-looking’ things. For basic Flash Hacking, you will need 1 tool. Cheat Engine. Cheat Engine, if you don’t already know what it is, is a very advanced Memory Editor (hacking tool), but we’ll only be using some of it’s simple functions.

Download and Install Cheat Engine, don’t worry about the Root Kit, it’s only a kiddy toy to you. Once installed, open it and click on the small computer-like icon on the top left. In the process list, select ‘Firefox.exe’ or ‘IEXPLORER.exe’ depending on which one you are using and click OK.

Now find a Flash game anywhere on the Internet that is not protected. (Meaning Neopets is a no-no for now) Depending on your Flash version, you will use a Double-byte or a 4-byte scan. If you have Flash Version 7.0 or earlier, select ‘Double-Byte’ in the scan’s drop-down menu, if you’re using Flash 8.0 or later, Select 4-Byte (Default). Also depending on your Flash version, you will scan the exact value (7.0-), or *8 (8.0+).

After you’ve checked up on all that, you’re ready to hack! Lets say your Health is 100. In flash 7.0 put ‘100’ in Scan (be sure it’s set to Double-Byte!), and click ‘Scan’. Wait for the scan to complete, it should take no longer than 30 seconds. If you get an error: “Hyperscan has failed!”, just click OK and scan again. When the scan has completed, take damage, and put your health in the Scan, and click ‘Next scan’. Be sure not to click New Scan or it will reset your scan and you will have to start over.

In Flash 8.0 or greater, you will need to multiply all values by 8. Example: Your health is 100, you multiply by 8, and it’s 800. Scan that, and when it’s finished, take damage. Then use Next Scan on your new health*8. Keep doing that until your address list only has 1-3 addresses found. Double click on all of them, and freeze them by clicking the check-box (found to the left of them). If you want to set your health higher, you cannot enter some random high number, or the flash game may crash, or your web-browser. Be careful, and multiply the value you want to set your health to by 8, then set the value by clicking on the number in the Cheat List.

This type of hacking works fine, but Variables are still what I prefer. Changing variables will be in my next entry.

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